Update – 07-2020

Activefiber Systems HHG source arrives in Delft

A Soft X-Ray source based on High Harmonic Generation was recently installed at the Optics Research Group as part of the LINX-consortium by partner Active Fiber Systems. The aim of this consortium is to generate new techniques to image extremely small features in 3D, for example on next generation computer chips. The newly installed Soft X-Ray source, at the moment the brightest of its kind, has a key role to achieve these ambitious goals.

Generating coherent Extreme UV (EUV) or Soft X-Ray (SXR) light is not an easy task. Conventionally the academic world and the industry relied on enormous and expensive facilities (synchrotrons) with some of which have a diameter of hundreds of meters. Although these synchrotrons are extremely bright and are very coherent, they are not within the reach of many academics or of the industry.

However, recent innovations in laser technology led to the availability of matured, marketable, coherent Soft X-Ray sources which fit on a typical optical table. Consortium partner Active Fiber Systems, spin-off company of University of Jena, recently installed this compact source at the Optics Research Group being the brightest source of its kind at the moment. We are looking what this source will bring us for LINX.